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Look for pictures of Dunkirk Teachers from every Decade on the "Slide Show"
Also Class Pictures...and Dunkirk School pictures
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Just in time for Christmas!!!

We just finished a new CD full of Dunkirk pictures...just over 1500 of the best pictures of Dunkirk & Fredonia we could dig up...and it's available for $9.95 each plus shipping and handling! All the materials have been donated and were hoping to have enough money from the sale to purchase a computer for the Dunkirk Library

The CD is on sale at Matt's News 93 East 3rd Street Dunkirk NY 14048 Phone number 716 366-4909

Please Visit the New Dunkirk High School...the current High School

New Dunkirk & Fredonia Drum Corps picture CD being planned!

The New Drum Corps CD is ready...this one is about the many Drum Corps of Dunkirk & Fredonia from the 1930s to the 1990s.  More than 1200 pictures in all!


And The Fire Depts of Dunkirk & Fredonia...1000 plus pictures


cost is $19.95-20 for bothCDs ....Proceeds will be donated to Dunkirk & Fredonia Charities!

So if you were in the many Drum Corps of Dunkirk & Fredonia between the 1940s and the 1990s...and would be interested in recieving a copy of the CD ....they are currently on sale at

Matt's News   93 E 3rd Street   Dunkirk 716 366-4909

P&G Foods   411 Central Ave  Dunkirk  716 366-2611


And Please   Let me know what you think of all the Memories                             

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