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Point Gratiot...everyone's favorite

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We just couldn't show all of Dunkirk...unless we mentioned the "Point"

My all time favorite spot in Dunkirk
The "Shelters"

I remember many parties at the shelters of Point Gratiot and at the "Pines"...many of them in the dead of winter where for $2 (a whole weeks savings) you could drink all you could hold off a quater keg of Koch's beer. Sometimes it was so cold with the freezing winds coming off the lake...but when it was cold and snowing...at least we weren't bothered by the local Cops...(they obviously had much more sence than any of us to be out in that kind of weather)...and those Shelters??

  I don't know who designed them but they offered absolutely no "shelter" whatsoever from the freezing cold winds off the lake...but at least if it started raining...we were in great shape!

It's Odd how Mr Bleck never seems to age!...he Reminds me of that guy from American Bandstand...Dick Clark...he just never ages!
Helen Wise (DHS-67)

I remember the great Rivalry that existed between Dunkirk High School and our cross own rivals Cardinal Mindzenty High School on Central Avenue...It made playing Football and Basketball against them even more fun...I also remember having to go there for those "Hated Religion Instruction Classes" every Tuesday!

I know exactly where this spot is...I think we all do!

Remember the annual Joey Chitwood Auto thrill show...and then all the crazies who tried to reproduce "Chitwoods" Tricks all summer with thier parent's cars?
Remember Juinor Fire Marshals??
How about Commander Tom (Tom Jols)from Channel 7 and the Commander Tom Show?? and "EyeWitness News" with Rick Azar, Irv Weinstein and the famous "It's 11 O'Clock, do you know where your children are?" ...."2 punks robbed a liquor store on Main Street and a blazing inferno on the West Wide...details at 11!"...

I remember Mr Warren Beyer showed up one Monday for school with a new head of hair...and he was worried what Ange Zappy would have to say...Ange didn't disappoint either!

Anyone remember the time 3 Navy Destroyers came into the Great Lakes and came around to all the ports...they couldn't come all the way into Dunkirk harbor as it was too shallow so they anchored about a half mile out to sea...and small boats ran all the locals out to tour the ships and the Swabbies into town for Liberty!

I still remember the Friday Night Fish Fry's...best fish fry's I ever had!

remember when TV had test patterns...which we would watch for hours before the cartoons came on? And even then...all anyone could get was Channel 2 4 & 7

Above....Lifeguard stand at Point Gratiot beach

2 people walking on the ice off Point Gratiot 1950s


Anyone remember when the Goodyear blimp cruised over Dunkirk in the late 50s? it came out of the west...I saw it first in my class because I was staring out the window at the time (as usual)...it flew low over the school...made several passes...as us kids went nuts!

Anyone remember the janitors at elementry school...#5 school was "Scotty" and at #4 school was "Felix"
I remember the "Murraymen" Drum and Bugle Corps...I also remember when Hose #1 and Hose #4 both had Drum and Bugle Corps!

I remember the Old Dunkirk High School...had a "banked track" on the second floor...but it was so old and creaky...we were hardly ever allowed up there!

I remember working part time after school stacking ice cream in the freezer at Dunkirk Ice Cream

I also recall "pulling brush" at grape vineyards during easter vacations...that was a "nasty" way to make a living!

I remember away football games at Cardinal Mindzenty field behind Holy Trinity School on Central Ave....also playing at Fredonia High School Field...in the Valley in Fredonia...where the end zone is uphill from the rest of the feild!...I don't think I was ever at fredonia's football field for a game that it wasn't raining...usually a torential downpour too!

and after any sporting event...everyone went to "Marks" on Lake Shore Drivce and Central for a celebration and we all had "French Fries and Gravy" (remember the curly fries?)

Dance hall at Point Gratiot burns December 4 1941

...I remember the night it burned down (the last of 3 fires over the years) in the early 1960s
original Observer Photo     December 4, 1941

One of the best things about living in Dunkirk was living near the Lake
photo from Dave Valvo
A great place to meet "the gang"

A great place to just sit and think and watch the surf...

It just doesn't get any better than Point Gratiot!

drive through Point Gratiot 1968
photo from Bill Strefeler