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Front door of the old School

Anyone remember "Crazy Daze" a big sale in Dunkirk when all the downtown merchants put all the junk they couldn't sell all year out on the sidewalks and dress up as clowns? They serve up cheap hot dogs and root beer...I bought my very first Paisley shirt at McCroskey's one was bright yellow and red and green and purple and really awful! I wish I had it now...they sell um for big bucks in L.A. on Melrose Avenue Boutiques!

I remember when we were in Jr High...we used to hang out at Kresge's after school...but the sales ladies would follow you around endlessly...where ever you went ...there she was!...We also used to steal carrot sticks from the cafateria at school and after school head over to Kresge's and go back by the fish tank in back...when we were sure the sales lady was watching...we would reach in our pockets and take out a small piece of Carrot stick...concealed in our hand...reach into the fish tank...and pull our hand out fast wiggling the carrot stick and pop it in our mouth...and then smile at the Sales Lady making sure she saw us chewing the orange carrott stick...and she'd be off running in search of the manager...yelling "those kids are eating my Goldfish again

I feel like Dancin!
This coming Friday Night in the old DHS Gym!
Senior Day Congratulations
I give up!...Who is congratulating Who?

The kids who made it through High School or the
Teachers who survived another year??

Activities in the auditorium
sure beats going to Math Class!

the 1930 Dunkirk High Football Team...they went 9 and 0 that season...but read the fine print!

in 9 team managed to score even 1 point against these guys...the nearest they got was three 0 to 0 ties. The combined Point Total for this team was:
Dunkirk High 157 Points

all 9 other teams combined 0 Points!

That's Just Amazing!

Dunkirk's very own Radio Station "KFCM"
This is Radio Station "KFBC" Broadcasting from our pearch high above the tranquil campus of Dunkirk Senior High School...where we bring you the Hottest Music ...and the latest "Hits"
Fire Drill at the old Dunkirk Academy
...OK...Listen up!!....Now's our chance to slip away for
a coke....Who wants to make a dash for "the Pantry"?