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OK How many Kids do you recognize??

Troop Master was Orville Washington.  Most of the Kids in this picture Graduated about 1963-1967.

I have most of the take your best shot...and enjoy the memories!

photo from Andrea Zeplowitz DeRider

Toga Party
Football Practice

early 1960s

Oscar Bixby and a PTA meeting
Edith Osborne

DHS Librarian

Rumor has it that Edith's spirit still can be seen on dark stormy nights amoungst the stacks and peridolicals at the Dunkirk High Library....and pity those poor souls who she finds talking!

Class Play
arriving at Dunkirk High for School
"Frosty" takes time out of his busy schedule to tour DHS
DHS Dance Band
Dunkirk High Band
Dunkirk High Drill Team
Study Hall in the auditorium
Dunkirk High Prom
Cheerleaders on the sidelines